31 January 2017

Unlimited GBytes on THOR 7

Offering an unlimited GBytes plan on THOR 7, with zero restrictions on the number of GBytes downloaded using our Ka-band iDirect platform. Additional bandwidth packages available on THOR 7: For …
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12 December 2016

New smaller bandwidth profiles available for land based services

New smaller bandwidth profiles available at cost effective prices We are now offering new cost effective and smaller bandwidth profile plans on THOR 7 ranging from 2.5/0.5Mbps-15/3Mbps. For more information …
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19 October 2016

Telenor Satellite approves 98cm Ka-band C-COM antenna systems for THOR 7

(Oslo, Norway, October 19, 2016) Telenor Satellite is pleased to announce the type approval for C-COM iNetVu® Ka-98G Driveaway and the iNetVu® FLY-98G antenna systems for THOR 7. Telenor Satellite …
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25 July 2016

Hellenic Seaways Greece contracts through Marel Electronics THOR 7 for connectivity

(Oslo, Norway, July, 25, 2016) Telenor Satellite announced today that Hellenic Seaways in partnership with Marel Electronics, Piraeus, has selected Telenor’s Ka-band for connectivity services on board their entire Hellenic …
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13 June 2016

Skytech’s BB75 Ka-band antenna ready for THOR 7 services

(Oslo, Norway, June 8, 2016) Telenor Satellite announced today that is has approved the BB75 Ka-band antenna, produced by telecommunications company, Skytech, for use with Telenor’s new THOR 7 Ka-band …
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