Corporate responsibility


Environmental and climate change initiatives

As part of Telenor Group’s corporate responsibility programme, Telenor Satellite is committed to the company’s climate goals by contributing to the global reduction of CO2 emissions. Telenor Satellite is putting in place measures that reduce the intensity of our operations’ CO2 emissions by improving the energy efficiency of our networks, buildings and IT, and by increasing our use of renewable energy resources.

Environmental analysis

In 2009, Telenor Satellite introduced the Eco-lighthouse programme for its Nittedal teleport – Telenor Satellite’s largest teleport, located just outside Oslo, Norway – and started the analysis and implementation required to gain official certification. Eco-lighthouse is a tailor-made programme for the environmental certification of companies in Norway to demonstrate the implementation of policies and procedures that reduce their impact on the environment.

During the implementation process, Telenor Satellite had to review and change its procedures for procurement, waste treatment and reduction, energy and water consumption, transportation and ICT operations.

In 2010, Telenor Satellite’s Nittedal teleport successfully completed the programme and received its Eco-lighthouse certification, confirming its status as an environmentally responsible operation of the Telenor organisation. As part of the ongoing assessment required by the programme, Nittedal will report annually on its environmental status and present action plans and new initiatives.

Similar programmes will now be introduced in other parts of Telenor Satellite to ensure the highest standards of environmental preservation.

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