Major milestones


Over the past two decades Telenor Satellite has established itself as a major satellite operator in key target markets throughout Europe and the Middle East.

With the successful launch of THOR 7, Telenor Satellite has the scope to strengthen its position in key markets – maintaining our leading broadcast position in the Nordic region, building upon our premium broadcast position in Central and Eastern Europe and further developing our role as a major distributor of satellite services to the maritime and offshore sectors.

Highlights in the past decade include:


THOR 7 successfully launched on April 26, 2015. Handover complete and the Ku-band payload ready for commercial operation in June 2015 . HTS Ka-band payload expected in-service date is scheduled for Q4, 2015.


Telenor Satellite signs contract with SSL for THOR 7 build and Arianespace for launcher.


Telenor Satellite moves Thor III to 4ºWest and commences inclined-satellite operations.


THOR 6 is successfully launched on October 29.


THOR 5 is successfully launched on February 11.


Telenor signs contract with Thales to build THOR 6. Scheduled launch date in 2009.


Telenor signs contract with Orbital to build THOR II-R (now known as THOR 5). Delivery of the satellite – which will replace the existing THOR II transponders and provide additional transponders for European expansion – is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2007.


Intelsat 10-02 is successfully launched and positioned at 1ºWest. Telenor Satellite owns the spot 1 and spot 2 payloads which are named THOR 10-02 S1 and S2.  Intelsat 10-02 replaced Intelsat 707 and provides high-powered coverage of Europe and the Middle East.

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