Terrestrial media network


Telenor Satellite’s terrestrial media network

The multi-service network (MSNW) is Telenor Satellite’s flexible core terrestrial network, interconnecting all our major satellite uplink stations in Europe. The network is designed to provide enhanced scalability, redundancy and flexibility for the delivery of media services such as TV, radio and data.

The MSNW represents a flexible and secure vehicle for the seamless integration of terrestrial and satellite-based communications. It provides a secure link for media distribution over the Telenor Satellite 1°West platform or from our satellites and other satellites for further terrestrial distribution. In addition, the MSNW provides possibilities for the restoration of services through other earth stations that are connected to the network, boosting the already excellent reliability of our satellites.

Features and benefits

  • DTM technology applied for reliable and high-quality services
  • Easy routing and transfer via our dedicated fibre network
  • Configured as a meshed network, providing enhanced redundancy
  • Dedicated 24/7 operations
  • Rapid deployment of new services
  • Throughput options for Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD) transmissions
  • High availability for the delivery of video, audio and data services



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