Anker – Our New Maritime Solution Q&A

Telenor Satellite introduces “Anker”, our new product portfolio of Ka-band maritime managed services. But how is this a better fit for you as a customer? Our Product Manager, Geir Anders Varanes, will tell you all about it in this Q&A.

The Anker portfolio exists of three unique products – Speed, Quota and Custom – all three are designed to better accommodate our customer’s needs.

Q: Geir Anders, what can you tell us about the different products?

A: Well, let’s start with our Anker Speed product. This is a product for those of our customers that require high quality connection and fixed monthly rates. We have a guaranteed CIR with burstable MIR and bit rates of up to 24/6 Mbps. This product is suitable for all segments, but in particular passenger, leisure and offshore customers will find this product a good match.

Q: But what if you don’t have a need for speed, you just need a certain amount of GB within a month, what can you offer to those customers?

A: It sounds like they would benefit from our Anker Quota product. With the Quota product you get monthly quotas of 5, 10 or 25 GB included with volume top-ups of 5 – 200 GB available. When you’ve reached 50% usage or 90% you’ll be notified so that you know when you potentially need to top up. Speed will be reduced down to CIR, unless you’ve topped up your quota after spending your monthly quota. You can monitor the usage through The Bridge. This is our newest product which is designed for entry level users or users with a sporadic capacity requirement.

Q: And then it’s the Anker Custom product, who is this suited for?

A: This is a product for the more sophisticated user where the two other products do not fit, such as offshore and research vessels with more symmetric capacity requirements. This product provides full flexibility and the possibility to create a profile suitable to meet any requirement.

Q: So why should our customers chose anything but the Custom product?

A: The speed and quota products have been created to fit the most common use cases. Custom products with full flexibility have a higher overhead and will as such be slightly more expensive.

Q: So how do I know what product is suited for me and how can I order it?

A: Talk to your account manager if you’re in doubt, they can help guide you. All bookings can be done in The Bridge. It should be self-explanatory, but if you’re ever in doubt feel free to contact us and we’ll help you along.

For more information download the Anker leaflet.