Telenor Satellite approves KNS antennas

23 March 2020. Telenor Satellite approves KNS Z10Mk4 and C5 antennas for Anker Maritime Ka on THOR 7 at 1° West.

KNS antennas and Telenor Satellite

Telenor Satellite partnered with KNS Inc. on delivery of a cost-effective alternative for reliable high-speed Ka-band maritime connectivity via Supertrack Z10MK4 (105cm) and C5 (55cm) VSAT antennas.

Supertrack Z10 MK4 was approved by Telenor Satellite in November 2019, and promises an affordable product, that will deliver reliable connection, stable tracking and fast network performance for high-speed, high-quality communications for vessels operating in rough seas. The Z10Mk4 supports all Anker Maritime Ka Speed profiles.

The Z10MK4 series is delivered with a three-axis operating platform and modular design, integrating all electrical control parts in one single module “PCU” for fast and easy maintenance.

The C5 series has just successfully concluded the sea trials, and was approved by Telenor Satellite. The C5 antenna model is equipped with 3-axis tracking to deliver stable connectivity and high performance, when paired with Telenor Satellite’s Anker Maritime Ka service. C5 is provided with two RF options:

  • 5W BUC/LNB version, with Open BMIP compatibility, for which Telenor Satellite will deliver high-speed service profiles of up to 20/3 Mbps on Anker Maritime Ka
  • 3W Transceiver version, requiring traditional line-up, for which Telenor Satellite will offer service profiles up to 4/1 Mbps on Anker Maritime Ka.

“It will always begin and end with our customers”, says Frank Pollak, Sales Manager, Europe, KNS Inc. “A full Ka-band line-up and a true three-axis stabilization system of our C-Series will enhance the connectivity and eliminate the keyhole effect, offering a definite difference of quality within budget. This is a product that has been designed for purpose, in close cooperation with Telenor Satellite”.

Telenor Satellite’s HTS Ka-band service profiles are now available with the same high-performing satellite payload, while providing a more affordable VSAT antenna alternative to meet the more cost-conscious segments of the maritime market.


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