Expansion through

TSBc looks forward to further extending our position
in the market in which we operate and expanding our
regional coverage.
Discover THOR 7’s journey

Made in California
The THOR 7 satellite is based on Space Systems Loral’s (SSL) 1300 series platform and fitted with two payloads. It was built at SSL’s manufacturing facilities in Palo Alto, California, where is has undergone a 28-month production schedule. During this period, SSL has been responsible for the design, construction and test activities for THOR 7.

Guiana Space Centre
Arianespace will launch THOR 7 from its Guiana Space Center — also known as the Spaceport — a strategically located facility that provides optimum operating conditions for Arianespace’s commercial launches. The spaceport’s location is close to the equator at 5.3° North latitude, making it an ideal location for missions into geostationary orbit. French Guiana has a low population density and is protected from hurricanes and earthquakes, providing it with unique advantages as a highly effective operational launch site.

Geostationary transfer orbit
On April 15, 2015, the 222nd Ariane 5 mission will place two satellites into geostationary transfer orbit: THOR 7, which will ride in the Ariane 5’s upper passenger position, with Sicral located below it, in the SYLDA dispenser system.

Arrival at 1°West
THOR 7 will then reach its final position, 1°West. Soon after, THOR 7 will start commercial operation and Telenor Satellite Broadcasting looks forward to extending further its position in the market and expanding its regional coverage for both broadcast and broadband services throughout Europe.

TSBc’s first high
performance satellite for
the maritime market

The high-performance Ka-band payload on THOR 7 is
designed for the mobility VSAT market, to provide
cost-effective solutions and offer high-powered coverage
over the North Sea, the Norwegian Sea, the Red Sea, the
Baltic Sea and the Mediterranean.

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Staying connected in
remote locations

The THOR 7 satellite, due to start commercial operation in
Q4 2015, offers reliable Ka-band solutions, allowing
Telenor Satellite Broadcasting to strengthen its satellite
services proposition for the oil and gas industry. THOR 7 will
provide extensive satellite capacity and greatly increase
throughput capability for data-communication services to
remote regions across Europe and the Middle East.

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Growth capacity for
TV services

THOR 7 delivers the expansion capacity required at 1°West
– a growing position, which reaches close to 18 million TV
households throughout Europe.

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Delivering live news and
data transmissions from
the field

New high-throughput satellite (HTS) Ka-band solutions for
satellite news gathering will deliver high availability and
high-powered coverage across the UK and the Nordic

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Providing faster broadband connections from the South Pole

Utilising capacity on THOR 7, Kongsberg Satellite Services (KSAT) will provide
the Norwegian Troll base, located at the South Pole, with a dedicated link to
distribute meteorological and environmental data from numerous earth orbit
satellites to user communities across Europe and the US.