Annual Customer Survey 2024:
in pursuit of perfection.

We are pleased to share some of the highlights of our Annual Customer Survey 2024. The feedback from our customers is instrumental in shaping our strategies, as we strive to enhance our services. We sincerely value the time and effort our clients invested in completing the survey.

Annual Customer Survey Report_Telenor Satellite_2024

While we understand that it is very rare to achieve perfection, that doesn’t stop the Telenor Satellite team from trying! Every year we conduct an annual customer survey to find out both how well we are doing and where we could do better. This feedback helps us gain an understanding of how we are viewed by our clients and is invaluable as we strive to improve our services. So we really appreciate the time and effort our clients put into completing the survey.

We are very pleased to report that our survey not only showed a rise in the number of responders, but also an increase in satisfaction levels. This is particularly gratifying considering the worldwide increase in LEOs – it appears that our customers nevertheless appreciate the service and expertise that we are able to supply from our Geostationary satellite fleet.

We work hard to keep our customers happy and we are delighted that we appear to be succeeding. The survey results show that overall 98% of our clients are satisfied with Telenor Satellite’s performance and solutions, with 95% agreeing that they would recommend our services to others.

There are different ratings criterion applied to our Data Services and Occasional Use divisions, but we achieved great results with a year-on-year improvement for both. 94% or more of respondents gave a positive rating for Data Services, and 80% of Occasional Use clients rated the division a fantastic 10/10. What is more, a further 15% rated them as 9/10.

All-in-all, the results for 2024 survey demonstrate that we are continuing to serve our customers well with both products and services that are highly rated and, consequently, the majority are very likely to recommend the company to others.

We also asked our clients for suggestions for improvement and these ideas have all been discussed by the team. We are currently looking into those that we can implement now and identifying others for the future.

Some of our customers’ comments are shown below along with comparisons of our performance over the past three years.

Survey feedback from Data Services’ clients:

Annual Customer Survey Report 2024 _DS

Annual Customer Survey Report Data Services 2024


Feedback from Occasional Use’ clients:

Annual Customer Survey Report 2024 OU


Our Broadcasting division did not participate in the 2024 Customer Satisfaction Survey.

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