Satellite fleet


Established position at 1ºWest

Telenor Satellite owns and operates THOR 5 and THOR 6, positioned at our prime 1ºWest orbital location. In addition, we own the Spot 1 and Spot 2 payload named THOR 10-02 S1 and S2, located at the same position.  Our dedicated space-systems division takes responsibility for our satellites from Telenor Satellite’s main space-control room in Oslo, Norway. From pre-design to “shut off”, our team controls and monitors every single movement to ensure the maximum flexibility and longevity of our satellites.

THOR 10-02 was launched in 2004 and Telenor Satellite owns seven Ku-band transponders on the Spot 1 and Spot 2 payload for high-powered coverage throughout Europe and the Middle East.

THOR 5 was launched in 2008, equipped with 24 Ku-band transponders, offering Nordic, pan-European and Middle Eastern coverage.

THOR 6 was launched in 2009, equipped with 36 Ku-band transponders, targeting the Nordic countries and Central and Eastern Europe.

THOR 7 was launched in 2015 and equipped with both a Ku band and an High throughput (HTS) Ka band payload.  The Ku band payload transponders offer high powered Central and Eastern European coverage. The Ka band payload provides coverage over the North Sea, Red Sea, Baltic Sea, North Atlantic , Persian Gulf and the Mediterranean Sea.

Inclined services at 4ºWest

Telenor Satellite owns and operates the THOR III satellite, positioned at 4ºWest, which offers inclined services throughout the Middle East.

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