Dedicated Broadcast for the entire distribution process

We provide a comprehensive service that includes encoding, multiplexing and up-linking satellite capacity.

Full-time broadcast services from our prime 1°West orbital location

Our dedicated broadcast services from 1° West offers one of the fastest growing platforms for video distribution. Serving close to 18 million households in the Nordic region and throughout Central and Eastern Europe. In a fast-changing communications environment, satellite continues to play an important role in the distribution of content. Satellite is a first class platform for delivering new bandwidth-hungry TV applications including HDTV and UHD TV.

Our comprehensive portfolio of services covers the entire distribution process: encoding, multiplexing, uplinking, satellite capacity and monitoring during transmission. As well as contribution services via our own fiber network, Multi-Service-Network (MSNW).

From transmitting content via one of our satellites to point-to-point distribution services via our terrestrial fibre network, Telenor Satellite is the choice provider for broadcast services in Europe.

Features and benefits

  • Greater than 99.999% reliability for all satellite distribution services
  • Extremely reliable and flexible transmission for all content distribution
  • 1° West prime orbital location for Nordic and European DTH platforms
  • Broad ground-based network across Europe

To learn more about our Broadcast Services, please view our downloadable resources here.