Become a Reseller

Designed to help you capitalise on the EMEA maritime market.

A premium satellite wholesaler for the maritime and land market

We have been working with resellers since conception and the partnership concept is the very cornerstone of our business. We value working closely with sales and technology companies to keep on top of the market and the entire value chain.

For resellers we opens doors to new opportunities, creative solutions and a real boost in sales. We are focused on creating a platform of mutual benefit to enhance sales, improve productivity and add value to you and your commercial customers.

There are no restrictions on territories or products and you are provided high-level knowledge of the Telenor Satellite product suite to open up conversations.

Benefit from direct contact with Telenor Satellite

  • 24/7, free technical support
  • Full Marketing support
  • Access to future road-map
  • Discounted prices
  • Pre-qualified leads
  • On-site training at our Teleport
  • Invitation to our annual customer event

The Bridge

As a Reseller you get access to The Bridge, our latest portal for managing your terminals seamlessly.

Not only can you order or change existing terminals, download email marketing templates, print adverts and logo’s, The Bridge is also home to the Support Centre where you can also access training guides or book 1-2-1 training sessions.



Become a reseller

Be a part of a unique partner program selling excellent communications services at 1°West.