Anker Maritime Managed Services

Our Anker Maritime Managed Services portfolio delivers versatile connectivity solutions for all maritime segments – from the smallest fishing boat to the largest ferry.

Maritime VSAT you can truly rely on

Reliable communication at sea has become a necessity for all maritime sectors. Maritime satellite communications services enable ships to be integrated into shipping companies’ IT infrastructure. In turn, this facilitates remote monitoring and control, optimising maintenance schedules and fuel consumption. Today, crew expect to be connected at sea much the same way they are connected on land, and maritime VSAT connectivity is often a “must” to retain crew.

Telenor Satellite’s Anker Managed Services portfolio includes standard pre-packaged service profiles as well as customised profiles that allow our customers to tailor the service to very specific needs.


Passenger ships can be served with satellite connectivity from Telenor Satellite

Anker Speed

A speed-based service profile is ideal for users requiring a high quality connection and fixed monthly service charges.

  • Up to 35/6 Mbps profiles
  • Guaranteed CIR with burstable MIR
  • Fixed monthly rates

Fishing boat through Brønnøysundet, Nordland county

Anker Quota

Quota is ideal for both entry level users requiring a low monthly service charge and sporadic users requiring high-speeds and predictable costs.

  • Volume plans 5–200GB
  • Top-up packages available
  • Notifications for reached 50% and 90% of quota limit

Internet for yachts on Ka-band

Anker Custom

Custom provides full flexibility and the possibility to create a profile suitable to meet any requirement.

  • Symmetric/asymmetric profiles
  • Wide selection of contention rates
  • Fixed monthly rates
  • Custom rate-based profiles

Connect by satellite anywhere in the world.

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