Corporate Responsibility

Making good things happen.

Responsible business

As part of Telenor Group’s corporate responsibility programme, Telenor Satellite is committed to follow Telenor Group’s policies. Therefore, Telenor focus on responsible business practices across all of our markets. Guided by international standards and our operational experience we work systematically to address risks and to maximise the positive impact of our business. Our approach is continuous improvement.

Environmental and climate change initiatives

Similarly, as part of Telenor Group’s sustainability programme, Telenor Satellite is committed to the company’s climate goals by contributing to the global reduction of CO2 emissions.  Through improving the energy efficiency of our networks, buildings and IT, and by increasing our use of renewable energy resources for instance, we work to reduce our CO2 emissions.

Our aim is to:

  • Make all reasonable efforts to minimize use of resources including energy, water and raw materials
  • Perform regular risk assessments for its operations focusing on extreme weather events related to climate change. Subsequently use the results in the planning of network expansion and protection of existing infrastructure
  • Investigate potential business initiatives and partnerships offering eco-efficient solutions
  • Secure sustainable waste management and ensure all electronic waste shall be reused, recycled or safely disposed
  • Establish and maintain an Environmental Management System (EMS) as set out in Group Manual Sustainability – Environment Management System


We have been Eco Lighthouse certified, since 2010. The Eco-Lighthouse Foundation is industry-specific requirements for a range of different industries. Enterprises are certified subject to independent assessment and undergo a recertification process every three years. The certification scheme has been approved by the Norwegian public procurement authorities.

It integrates environmental management and both internal and external environmental measures. In conclusion being Eco-Lighthouse certified equals full compliance with the Internal Control Regulations, and with the relevant environmental regulations.


Telenor Satellite energy consumption has been steady over the last 10 years, even if the number of services maintained has increased in the same period. Our teleport is operated in Norway and electricity produced from renewable sources, mainly from water.

  • Our recycling initiatives show a steady recycle grade of over 75% over the last 5 years
  • CO2 footprint also shows a decrease over the last 5 years


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