About Telenor Satellite

Telenor Satellite is a major European satellite provider who covers the European, Middle East and North African (EMEA) market within broadcast and data communication services.

EMEA’s premium satellite services provider

Telenor Satellite is a major EMEA satellite provider of broadcast and data communication services in the broadcast, maritime, and land-based markets.

We utilise a hybrid network that comprises of our 1° West satellite fleet, teleports and a terrestrial fibre network. We provide reliable communications in remote locations on land and at sea, keeping our customers connected via satellite.

Norwegian Heritage

Telenor Satellite is headquartered at Telenor Group offices in Fornebu, Oslo and our teleport is located in Nittedal. Telenor Satellite is fully owned by Telenor ASA.


Morten Tengs, CEO, Telenor Satellite. Photo by Kilian Munch

Morten Tengs
CEO and Vice President

Morten Tengs joined Telenor in 1995 and has held a number of management positions. Roles include Senior VP in Telenor Asia, CEO Telenor Global Services, CEO Telenor Satellite, CEO Telenor Cinclus and Senior VP Telenor Corporate Development. Morten holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the Norwegian School of Management (BI). He also holds an engineering degree in construction from the Norwegian College of Engineering.

Martin Foss, CFO Telenor Satellite. Photo by Kilian Munch

Martin Foss
Chief Financial Officer

Martin Foss joined Telenor in 1999 and has been working at Telenor Broadcast since 2001. Martin has been responsible for various tasks within business development, planning, budgeting and investments. Before Telenor Martin worked as a financial journalist for Finansavisen and received his MBA in Corporate Finance at the Norwegian Business School.

Agnete Wethal, Director HR, Telenor Satellite. Photo by Kilian Munch.

Agnete Wethal
Director Human Resources

Agnete joined Telenor Satellite in February of 2020 and has a vast experience in leadership and operations from the media, transportation, recruitment & talent search and global retail sectors. She is a certified coach and trainer.

Jan HEtland, Director Data Services Division, Telenor Satellite. Photo by Kilian Munch

Jan Hetland
Director Data Services Division

Jan has over 20 years of experience working for satellite technology companies. From joining Telenor Satellite in February 2008, Jan now heads the Data Service Division. Prior to this, after acquiring a M.Sc. degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara, USA, Jan worked as a software developer. Jan worked on GPS receiver products for Magellan Systems Inc. in California from 1992-1994. Jan then held various positions with Nera Satcom AS in the period 1994-2006.

Ole Ledang, Director Broadcasting Division, Telenor Satellite. Photo by Kilian Munch.

Ole Ledang
Director Broadcasting Division

Ole Ledang heads the Broadcasting Division, responsible for Broadcasting services, commercial activities and strategy in the Nordic and CEE regions. During his career at Telenor Satellite Ole has held various technical, project based, commercial and managerial positions. Ole holds a BSc degree in satellite technology from Oslo College of Engineering, and further education including Industrial Trade, Management and Finance from BI Norwegian Business School.

KJell Aksberg, Director Operations, Telenor Satellite. Photo by Kilian Munch

Kjell Aksberg
Director of Operations

Kjell Aksberg joined Telenor in 1979 and has been with Telenor Satellite from 1991. Before joining Telenor Satellite, Kjell worked in mobile and terrestrial broadcasting units within the Telenor Group. Kjell has held various senior technical positions within Telenor Satellite AS and has over 20 years’ experience.

Peter Olsen, Director Business Development, Telenor Satellite. Photo by Kilian Munch

Peter Olsen
Director Business Development

Peter has more than 20 years of experience from the space industry. Peter has held various managerial positions related to satellite operations, procurement and business development. Prior to joining Telenor, Peter has worked with European Space Agency, TSAT and EUMETSAT. Peter holds a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from the Norwegian University of Science. He also holds a Masters of Space Systems in Engineering from TU Delft, TopTech School of Executive Education.

Trym Hillesøy, Director of Legal & Contracts, Telenor Satellite. Photo by Kilian Munch

Trym Hillesøy
Director of Legal & Contracts

Trym Hillesøy joined Telenor in 1994 and has been with Telenor Satellite since 2013. Prior to Telenor Satellite Trym has held various positions related to legal, contract and procurement in the Telenor Group. Trym holds a Law Degree from University of Oslo.