A conversation with SatNews on delivering satellite connectivity in times of uncertainty.

We spoke with SatNews magazine about the challenges facing connectivity industry following the last few years of uncertainty, as we continue to see the effects from Covid-19, the global supply challenges and the current geopolitical situation.

Satellite connectivity for data transfer and broadcast services

SatNews talks with Jan Hetland, Director of Data Services and Ole Ledang, Director Broadcasting Division at Telenor Satellite about the changes wrought on the satellite communications industry by the uncertainties of recent years.

Having largely emerged, at least in the west, from the COVID pandemic, it is clear that there are still residual effects from the disruption it caused. The disturbances to global supply chains remain and are something Telenor Satellite continues to experience.
Whereas in the past we would expect to receive a new router, for example, within the space of two to three weeks, today that can take anywhere from between six to nine months to get the unit delivered from the manufacturer or distributor. On top of that is the issue of price increases that also affects both data and broadcast.

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