Telenor Satellite approves Intellian V-series antennas for THOR 7

10 November 2014 (Oslo, Norway) Telenor Satellite announced today that Intellian’s v-series antennas have been approved for use on its forthcoming satellite, THOR 7.

The satellite, expected to start commercial service in 2015, is equipped with an HTS/Ka-band payload, which has been specifically designed for the mobility VSAT market, offering high-powered regional coverage with a favourable look angle over the main European shipping lanes.

The Intellian v-series antennas already support Ku-band services on the existing THOR satellite fleet, providing Telenor Satellite customers with exceptional performance and redundancy.  Moreover, with its simple conversion from Ku-band to Ka-band services, the v100 antenna systems provide an easy upgrade path for THOR 7, which will offer 6-9 Gbps throughput with up to 25 simultaneously active spot beams and also deliver reliable download speeds in the tens of Mbps on its HTS (High Throughput Satellite) Ka-band payload. In addition to the v100, Telenor Satellite  plans to work with Intellian to approve more antenna systems.

“Over the years, we have developed a good working partnership with Intellian”, said Julian Crudge, Telenor Satellite’s Divisional Director , Network and Data services. “The v-series antenna system was chosen as it provides a viable solution for our customers, with easy upgrade capability, ensuring that we are well prepared once THOR 7 commences service.”

“Intellian has played a pivotal role in changing the industry’s perception of VSAT as a viable and convenient communications solution, said Jon Harrison, Intellian’s VP of Global Sales. “From intuitive user interfaces to ease of operation, our v-series antenna system delivers superior performance and reliability for maritime satellite-communications systems, both in Ku-band today and upgraded for next-generation Ka-band capability. Intellian is delighted to be chosen by Telenor Satellite as one of their approved antenna suppliers for its THOR 7 HTS Ka-band services.”

Telenor Satellite’s THOR 7 HTS satellite adds vital growth capacity for our long-standing maritime and offshore customers, offering highly concentrated and high-powered coverage over the North Sea, Red Sea, Baltic Sea, North Atlantic, Persian Gulf and the Mediterranean.

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Karen Sylte Hammeren, Communications Manager