Telenor Satellite Sails Further North

Since before the launch of THOR 7 in 2015, Telenor Satellite has been running a Ka-band propagation study using a network of reference stations spread throughout mainland Norway and the Svalbard archipelago.

As a result and the operational experience gained from nearly two years of operating a commercial service, we have seen that the artificial boundary we imposed was denying service to vessels operating north of the 5° elevation contour.

NOW – The service maps extends the usable service area all the way north to the 0-degree elevation contour which is perfect for vessels sailing further north in the Barents Sea region.

Having spoken to several customers who provide VSAT services to fishing vessels, we know this added coverage is crucially important to their operations as the newly added area contains several important fishing grounds. Most fishing vessels have to provide regular catch reports and being able to use VSAT is generally preferred as it lowers the overall communications cost.