The Bridge

Manage your data services online.

The Bridge gives you the control to manage your services online

Our self-service portal ‘The Bridge’ simplifies the process of managing your own terminal population, requesting new option files and changing service profiles. As a result you have complete control of your services online.

The portal is an interactive and intuitive tool which has been designed to improve overall quality and accuracy of information about your terminals.

The tool enables you to:

  • Order new services
  • Change existing services
  • View live operational statistics and parameters related to your services
  • Access marketing assets for promotional activity
  • Log support queries or download how-to-guides

Management and marketing via The Bridge

Looking to market the Anker suite to your customers and need better marketing support?

We offer many support packages to give you a helping hand in developing various communications and marketing campaigns. From email marketing to video creation we want to equip you with all the assets you need to promote Telenor Satellite’s services.

Resellers can also access a number of free downloadable assets from brochures to roll-up banners. We have even created co-branded versions because your brand is just as important.

Our expert knowledge and close-knit partners help you produce the strongest Anker Managed Services marketing messages. But if there is something missing, just let us know.

We are offering a FREE on-boarding pack, click here to request yours. This includes your welcome pack and printed marketing materials so you can get started straight away.