Telenor Satellite announces new XipLink™ WAN optimisation service

Telenor Satellite introduces new XipLink™ WAN optimiser service on its Anker Managed Services that will subtantially improve Quality of Experience when accessing the internet at sea, and is ideal for clients in the maritime mobility sector who require higher bandwidths and always-on connectivity.

Telenor Satellite announces new XipLink WAN optimizer service for maritime connectivity

WAN Optimisation service

15.03.2022, Oslo  Telenor Satellite is pleased to announce a successful collaboration with XipLink™, Inc., the technology leader in Wireless Link Optimisation solution (WAN optimisation), that has further enhanced their Anker Managed Service offering. The Anker Managed Service, delivered over an iDirect Technologies Velocity platform, provides Ka connectivity over the THOR 7 satellite to clients requiring higher bandwidth capacity and always-on connectivity in the maritime mobility sector.

“Both Telenor Satellite and iDirect Technologies were very clear in communicating what was required of XipLink™ and our role in complementing the Anker service”, said XipLink’s CEO Jack Waters. “Specifically, XipLink’s WAN optimisation capabilities increases the end customer’s quality of experience through enhanced speed and reliability while also improving the economics/affordability of the Anker service connections. We are pleased that we have met these objectives and will continue to accept input from our partners and their end customers on how XipLink will add further network performance values.” Waters stated further that “working closely with the many functional groups within Telenor Satellite and iDirect was necessary to bring this service to market. We have come to be treated as part of the team and appreciate the professionalism extended to us.”

“The largest benefit of this service is the substantially improved Quality of Experience when accessing the internet, both by the crew and passengers”, said Jan Hetland, Director of Data Services division at Telenor Satellite. “Drawing on our 14 years of partnership with iDirect and combining this with XipLink™’s unique WAN optimisation capabilities allows us to serve the most demanding customers out there.” The Xiplink™ WAN optimizer solution provides a greatly improved Quality of Experience for high-bandwidth vessels and offshore installations carrying large numbers of passengers and/or crew”, he added.

“As a long-standing partner of Xiplink™ and Telenor Satellite, we have a very collaborative relationship and this is reflected in the boost in performance that we have seen in the Anker Managed Service,” said Jerome Clapisson, Regional Vice President of Sales at ST Engineering iDirect. “We were pleased to involve Xiplink in this project, and our combined expertise and heritage in the maritime sector has allowed us to create an enhanced connectivity experience for all on board, both from the passenger and operational perspectives.”

More specifically, XipLink™ addresses several challenges of the satellite mobility market to include large number of users generating a high number of concurrent TCP sessions and the performance effects of high latency on transport protocols associated with GEO based satellite transport solutions. XipLink’s “XipOS” software is also perfectly positioned to offer hybrid connections of GEO, NGEO, Cellular, Terrestrial Wireless and Wireline connections to further extend bandwidth capacities while providing session persistence for ever higher uptime requirements.

Download Datasheet: Anker Managed XipLink™ WAN Optimiser

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About XipLink, Inc.
XipLink™ is the leading independent global technology provider for Wireless Link Optimisation (WAN optimisation) solution using standards-based SCPS protocol acceleration, streaming data compression and Internet optimizations to deliver a better wireless experience over stressed communication links. XipLink™ is a privately-owned company with headquarters in Montreal, Quebec (Canada), integration facilities in Ashburn, Virginia (USA) and field personnel worldwide.

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