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Intelligent WAN optimization technology for exceptional Quality of Service.

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We offer market leading XipLink™ end-to-end WAN optimizer solution within our Anker Managed Services portfolio.

Managed XipLink™ supports SCPS (Space Communications Protocols Specification) specifically targeted at accelerating satellite and wireless IP networks.

Ideal for clients in the maritime mobility segments, this service provides higher bandwidths, “always-on” connectivity and exceptional Quality of Service to clients with a high number of simultaneous users and concurrent TCP sessions.

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Don't let your network slow you down

Effects of congested satellite networks on users’ Quality of Experience:

  • High latency
  • Asymmetric connections
  • Decreased network throughput
  • Many simultaneous users
  • A high number of concurrent TCP sessions

Exploration cruise can use XipLink WAN Optimizer to improve VSAT connectivity

Delight both your passengers and crew

Advantages of adding Managed XipLink to your service:

  • TCP acceleration (# of sessions)
  • QoS shaping
  • Data compression and caching
  • Link balancing and bonding
  • Increased throughput
  • Maximum wireless performance
  • Improved QoE for end users


Managed XipLink can be ordered via internet

Maximize QoS with Managed XipLink WAN optimizer

In order to offer our clients the most optimized IP networks accelerator service, we commit to close collaboration and integration of systems at the hub and the remote side.

  • Telenor Satellite provides configuration and operation of the hub side
  • The client manages the service at the remote side

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