Euro-Fibre – a revamped fibre network bringing TV to Europe’s homes

More than 18 million homes throughout the Nordics and Central Europe rely on Telenor Satellite to deliver their broadcast media – whether it originates from Disney, Allente, National Geographic, BBC or any of the other of the regional and international broadcasters who use our services.


Not simply satellites

While, as expected, the transmissions arrive in homes via Telenor Satellite’s THOR fleet of satellites, perhaps what is less well-understood is that we operate an extension to our satellite services through our terrestrial fibre network which takes these broadcasts from their original location and transports them to our teleport in Nittedal.

New name for our terrestrial fibre network

Following a recent refurbishment of our fibre network infrastructure based on industry leading media delivery equipment from Net Insight, we decided to rename our service so that it truly reflects what it’s all about. Now known as Euro-Fibre, it’s a facilitator and enabler, transmitting live broadcast content between key locations in Europe and our teleport. Euro-Fibre is unusual in that it is dedicated to broadcast customers, offering broadcasters and play-outs a seamless high-end fibre network with capable bit rates, diverse and separate routing, and built-in fibre redundancy.

Points of Presence in key locations

Telenor Satellite ensures clients have easy access to its fibre network through its many Points of Presence (PoPs) – they can be found in more than twenty locations throughout Europe including major hubs such as London, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Frankfurt and Amsterdam. But in addition to the fixed PoPs, we are able to offer clients tailor-made services, including tail circuits which extend access direct to clients’ sites with commissioning taking place on short notice if a quick turnaround is needed.

Highest quality media provider

Ole Ledang, Telenor Satellite’s Director Broadcasting Division, said: “The broadcast media demands the highest quality from its service providers and won’t accept any glitches or latency and that is exactly what we provide with Euro-Fibre. By renewing all our systems to the highest specifications available, we are ensuring that our customers benefit from a service which has been future-proofed to exceed the quality of service they require.”

Euro-Fibre – the name says it all!

Many thanks must go to the amazing Telenor Satellite team who all played a part in the name selection. When asked to participate in a competition to come up with the new name for our terrestrial fibre network, they didn’t disappoint!

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