Euro-Fibre introduced as Telenor Satellite updates its terrestrial fibre network

Telenor Satellite is pleased to announce that it has renewed the operating systems on its fibre network to coincide with the renaming of the service. Previously known as the Multi Service Network (MSNW), it has been renamed Euro-Fibre.

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Telenor Satellite is delighted to announce that Multi Service Network (MSNW) has been renamed to Euro-Fibre, which aligns with the updates to the operating systems on its terrestrial network.

The company, which is a leading European provider of satellite broadcast and data communications, has undertaken a refurbishment of its fibre network infrastructure, based on industry leading media delivery equipment from Net Insight, ensuring that Telenor Satellite offers secure, high-quality, low-latency content delivery.

With Points of Presence (PoPs) from the Nordics through to Central Europe and a network dedicated to broadcast customers, the Euro-Fibre service from Telenor Satellite offers broadcasters, data centres and play-outs a seamless high-end fibre network with capable bit rates, diverse and separate routing and built-in redundancy. Telenor Satellite offers clients tailor-made services, including tail circuits, direct to their site with commissioning taking place on short notice. The services are monitored and operated by the 24/7/365 Network Operations Centre (NOC) at Nittedal Teleport.


Caption: Telenor Satellite’s Euro-Fibre provides 24/7/365,  seamless and future-proofed service for broadcasters and media companies via uplink hubs found in major cities throughout the continent from the Nordics to Central Europe including the UK.

Ole Ledang, Telenor Satellite’s Director Broadcasting Division, said: “The broadcast media demands the highest quality from its service providers and won’t accept any glitches or latency and that is exactly what we provide with Euro-Fibre. By renewing all our systems to the highest specifications available, we are ensuring that our customers benefit from a service which has been future-proofed to exceed the quality of service they require.”

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