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Never miss a catch with reliable VSAT connectivity for your fishing fleet.

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Reel in exceptional internet service at sea.

For over 25 years, we have been providing reliable and uninterrupted VSAT connectivity for fishing vessels.

With our unique northerly coverage up to 79° north, our clients, operating in the heart of the ocean, can be sure to stay connected, no matter the conditions.

We understand demands of the fishing industry for great flexibility, reliability and seasonal scalability, and can tailor our portfolio of Anker Managed Services to individual requirements, from a small fishing boat to the largest factory-processing ship.

Read our customer story of one of the most recognisable names in Norwegian fishing, Hermes, and how Telenor Satellite meets high demands of this vessel.

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Our Anker Managed Services Ka-band profiles offer robust, uninterrupted communications links essential to keep your fishing fleet connected at all times, so that you’d never miss a catch.

We can tailor unique VSAT service profiles capable of meeting the needs of your vessel and charter.

Anker Managed Services on Ka-band:

  • Coverage: across EMEA and up to 79° North
  • High Throughput Satellite (HTS)
    • High-powered spot-beam technology
    • Seamless handover for continuous connectivity
    • Sophisticated rain fade mitigation techniques
  • VSAT platforms: iDirect Velocity® and Newtec Dialog®
    • Service profiles from 512/128 1:10
    • Fixed monthly rates with unlimited data
    • Affordable, flexible pre-paid data packages
  • Flexible service terms:
    • Increased profiles during peak periods
    • Short-term tailored contracts
    • Lay-up periods
  • Tailored IP configurations
  •  Supporting small, lightweight antennas, starting at 55cm
  • Dual antenna solution
  • Antenna financing solutions
  • One-touch commissioning
  • 24/7/365 technical support

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With our Anker Managed Services on Ku-band you will have the coverage and exceptional connectivity to support your operations and crew, so that you can efficiently plan and quickly move towards your next job.

We can offer bespoke profiles to match requirements for your sailing route and your ship.

Anker Managed Services on Ku-band:

  • Coverage: across EMEA and up to 79° North
  • Extended coverage: north Atlantic and the Caribbean
  • VSAT platforms: iDirect Evolution® and Newtec Dialog®
    • Service profiles from 512/128 1:10
    • Fixed monthly rates with unlimited data
  • Flexible service terms:
    • Increased profiles during peak periods
    • Short-term tailored contracts
    • Lay-up periods
  • Tailored IP configurations
  • Secondary beam for extended coverage or mast blockage
  • Supporting small, lightweight antennas, starting at 60cm
  • Dual antenna solution
  • 24/7/365 technical support

satellite connectivity for fishing trawlers

Powerful VSAT for smart fishing

With the stipulation on commercial fishing operators to adhere to strict regulations and mandatory reporting, intelligent and reliable VSAT connectivity is essential.

We can provide the higher speeds, bigger bandwidths and seamless connectivity required for accurate tracking and reporting.

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Catch the right connectivity links

Our uninterrupted connectivity keeps vessels connected day and night, delivering real-time access to the latest weather reports and fish migration data to help in the planning of safe and time-efficient routes.

Faster connection speeds enable catch reports to be processed immediately, allowing you to move straight on to your next fishing ground.

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Stay safe with internet service at sea

The fishing sector is one of the toughest maritime environments where safety is paramount. Exceptional coverage and reliability of our services ensure that emergency assistance is always within reach.

Staying connected to life onshore is important for the welfare of the crew. Our high-powered service profiles open up the possibility of unlimited streaming, video calls and email.

To learn more about Anker Managed Services visit our downloadable resources and coverage maps.


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Together with our global network of more than 100 Telenor Satellite certified resellers, we can deliver VSAT connectivity for your fishing vessels, tailored to meet specific requirements for your next catch.

Let us help you find a trusted Telenor Satellite reseller near you. Contact our team to learn more about our internet service at sea dataservices@telenor.com  

Maritime VSAT connectivity for commercial fishing vessels


We work with leading VSAT antenna suppliers and whether you are looking to lease or purchase, we can offer attractive antenna financing solutions to optimise your cash flow and total cost of ownership.

(Antenna subsidy & financing solution is available with Anker Managed Services on Ka-band only).

Contact our team to find out more about VSAT connectivity for fishing vessels dataservices@telenor.com  

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