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Offering an unlimited GBytes plan on THOR 7, with zero restrictions on the number of GBytes downloaded using our Ka-band iDirect platform.

Additional bandwidth packages available on THOR 7:

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New smaller bandwidth profiles available at cost effective prices

We are now offering new cost effective and smaller bandwidth profile plans on THOR 7 ranging from 2.5/0.5Mbps-15/3Mbps.

For more information on our THOR 7 land based bandwidth packages click here.

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(Oslo, Norway, October 19, 2016) Telenor Satellite is pleased to announce the type approval for C-COM iNetVu® Ka-98G Driveaway and the iNetVu® FLY-98G antenna systems for THOR 7.

Telenor Satellite worked with C-COM a leading global provider of mobile auto-deploying satellite antenna systems to achieve type approval  for the the iNetVu® Ka-98G Drive-Away and the iNetVu® FLY-98G delivering in excess of 10Mbps upload and download rates over THOR 7.

Drew Klein, Director of International Business Development for C-COM Satellite Systems Inc. comments, “Customers can now easily roam between beams with C-COM’s 3-axis motorisation and our auto-polarisation switching function. This will give Telenor customers the option of a fully approved, land based system capable of finding the satellite in just a few minutes with the press of a button.”

“Telenor Satellite launched Occasional Use (OU) Ka-band services on the satellite at the end of September, and we worked closely with C-COM to achieve type approval for their Ka-band auto-deploy antennas, which during testing achieved some great results.” commented Lisa Barlow, OU Sales Director at Telenor Satellite.

Testing of the antenna was assisted by a leading European C-COM partner, Primetech UK. “Primetech are delighted to work with both C-COM and Telenor Satellite in achieving type approval of the iNetVu® 98G series,” concludes  Henry Walker, Managing Director of Primetech. “The addition of the Telenor Ka-band service using a world renowned product is a huge benefit, particularly where reliability in the provision of resilience is crucial.”

For more information on OU Ka-band solutions on THOR 7 click here.

(Oslo, Norway, July, 25, 2016) Telenor Satellite announced today that Hellenic Seaways in partnership with Marel Electronics, Piraeus, has selected Telenor’s Ka-band for connectivity services on board their entire Hellenic Seaways ferry fleet.

Hellenic Seaways, which operates domestic ferry services throughout the Greek islands, with ships carrying up to 2,000 passengers, will now be able to offer Wi-Fi to all its passengers, using high-bandwidth capacity from Telenor to ensure reliable and always-on connections.

Marel Electronics, a gold partner for Telenor THOR 7, recently signed a contract with Hellenic Seaways for THOR 7 Ka-band high-speed connectivity services on board its entire fleet of vessels. Hellenic Seaways was previously a THOR 7 beta-test customer and has been using the service effectively on Nissos Mykonos. Equipment is now being installed to mobilise the rest of the fleet.

“THOR 7 offers high-powered capacity throughout the Mediterranean and is an ideal solution for ferries requiring reliable high speed regional connectivity,” said Julian Crudge, Divisional Director at Telenor Satellite. “We are delighted that Marel Electronics selected THOR 7 Ka-band services for their contract with Hellenic Seaways and we look forward to continuing to support our growing partnership with Marel.”

“We have successfully tested and monitored THOR 7 Ka-band services on the ferry Nissos Mykonos over the past six months,” said Kyriakos Alexopoulos, Managing Director of Marel Electronics. “Its reliability and effectiveness is testament to Hellenic Seaways now contracting to the commercial service and equipping their entire fleet.”

THOR 7 is Telenor Satellite’s first Ka-band satellite, providing regional coverage with a favourable look angle over the main European shipping lanes. Its high powered regional capacity provides an ideal solution for Marel Electronics especially in the Mediterranean.


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