(Oslo, Norway) Telenor Satellite Broadcasting announced today that it is changing its name to Telenor Satellite. The name change reflects our company’s increasingly broad satellite-communications portfolio, as we have significantly expanded our position in the maritime and energy sectors and now provide more data-communications services than ever before.

Telenor Satellite has continued to grow as a key European satellite operator, providing communication services for customers in the broadcast, maritime, and oil and gas markets. Our investment in new satellites – most notably our latest satellite THOR 7, which launched in 2015 – has provided the additional growth capacity needed to expand our overall business and to extend our services capability within the mobility VSAT market.  Our new name reflects the changing balance of our business, allowing us to be more relevant to our customers within all the markets in which we operate.

“Telenor Satellite has undoubtedly established itself as a key provider of satellite services throughout Europe and the Middle East, with an increasing international focus and a broader customer base” said Morten Tengs, CEO of Telenor Satellite. “Following the launch of THOR 7, the new name is well-timed as it allows us to develop our wide-ranging satellite-communication services and look forward to further extending our position in the market and expanding our regional coverage.”

The new name comes into effect immediately and will be implemented across the company’s products and services and communications throughout 2016.

Highlights for the third quarter 2015

Telenor reported third-quarter revenues of NOK 31.8 billion and organic revenue growth of 4%. EBITDA before other items was NOK 11.8 billion and the EBITDA margin remained stable at 37%. Adjusted for VimpelCom impairment, net income was NOK 3.6 billion.

The guidance for the full year is organic revenue growth of around 5% and an EBITDA margin of 34%-35%. The adjusted outlook is primarily a consequence of the inclusion of the Danish operation.

In Norway, strong mobile market performance continued driven by increasing data demand. Mobile subscription and traffic revenues rose 5%. With annual investments of more than NOK 4 billion, we will continue to provide our customers with superior network experience.

Intense competition impacted performance in Thailand, Malaysia and Denmark. We are continuing our turnaround process in Thailand. Profitability in Malaysia was affected by currency headwinds and price pressure. Our planned merger with TeliaSonera in Denmark was withdrawn and we are now reviewing our strategic options in Denmark.

In Myanmar, the solid momentum continued. After a year of building network coverage in cities and larger towns, Telenor is now continuing its expansion into rural townships and villages.

There are promising growth trends visible in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sweden and Hungary. Subscriber growth significantly increased both in Pakistan and Bangladesh, while the operations in Sweden and Hungary reported improved subscription and traffic revenue growth.

On 5 October, we announced our intention to divest all our shares in VimpelCom Ltd. This triggered an impairment with effect of NOK 5.4 billion to the income statement in the third quarter.

On 27 October 2015, the Board of Directors of Telenor ASA resolved a second semi-annual dividend for the financial year 2014 of NOK 3.50 per share. This is in line with the earlier communicated intention of the Board of Directors. Including the NOK 3.80 per share paid out in June 2015, this brings the total dividends for the year to NOK 7.30 per share.

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Intellian, the leading provider of stabilized marine satellite antenna systems, has partnered with Telenor Satellite to deliver next generation high-speed maritime connectivity via Intellian’s industry leading 60cm and 1M VSAT platforms.

Intelligently designed, durable and robust, the Intellian v-Series antennas benefit from all the innovative features that have helped Intellian become the market leader within the VSAT sector. The v-Series products have been designed from the ground up, with ease of installation and use as the defining factors providing a streamlined and proven solution to accessing the THOR-7 high throughput Ka-band satellite. Both the v60Ka and v100Ka include Intellian’s Aptus Remote Control Software with built-in spectrum analyzer. Other benefits include secure SSL connection and the ability to network via the LAN function for simple management of multiple devices. Intellian antenna control units also support multiple user interfaces either via a front panel display and keyboard or through Aptus. The v60Ka and v100Ka are both approved by Telenor Satellite for use on the THOR-7 Network, the v60Ka is currently the only approved 60cm system ready for the THOR-7 Network.

The THOR-7 satellite provides regional coverage with a favourable look angle over the main European shipping lanes, utilising relatively small spot beams, which provide unprecedented high-power performance for maritime applications. Supported by the iDirect next generation Velocity© platform, Telenor Satellite is able to offer VNO service solutions on its fixed beams, similar to those provided on the Ku band iDirect platform. The iDirect platform offers automatic and seamless spot beam hand over – a necessity for a market that relies upon continuous connectivity. Morten Tengs, Telenor Satellite CEO, commented “With the successful launch of THOR 7, Telenor Satellite is able to provide HTS Ka-band services, delivering the highest performing satellite payload designed for the maritime market. Partnering with Intellian provides a viable solution for our customers, particularly with the new v60Ka antenna.”

Eric Sung, Intellian CEO, commented “Designed to enable maritime customers to benefit from high-speed broadband connectivity on the THOR-7 Ka-band network, Intellian is pleased to be able to bring the v60Ka and v100Ka products to the market. The addition of these, intelligent antenna solutions, boost the existing VSAT Intellian offering, enabling us to bring the capabilities and service excellence enjoyed by our customers on current Ku-band terminals to those in the Ka-band space.”

For more information, visit the Intellian website



In the second quarter of 2015, Telenor Group reported revenues of NOK 30.2 billion and organic revenue growth of 6%. EBITDA before other items was NOK 10.6 billion, the EBITDA margin 35% and operating cash flow NOK 4 billion. Net income rose 57 per cent to NOK 3.6 billion kroner in the quarter, implying earnings per share of NOK 2.42. During the first six months of the year the company reported record-high revenues and an all-time high EBITDA compared with the same period in previous years.

“Telenor continued to deliver encouraging results for the second quarter. We reported more than NOK 30 billion in revenues and organic revenue growth of 6 per cent. Profitability remained solid, with EBITDA before other items of NOK 10.6 billion and an EBITDA margin of 35 per cent,’’ said Jon Fredrik Baksaas, President and CEO of Telenor Group.

“In Norway, the mobile trends seen over the last quarters persisted during the three months through June. Customers more than doubled their data usage in the period, which resulted in mobile service revenue growth of 6 per cent. The increasing mobile data consumption is supported by strong growth in 4G coverage and 4G devices. We are continuing to expand our 4G network across the country targeting 95 per cent population coverage by the end of this year,” said Baksaas.

“In Thailand, competition remained intense in the second quarter. dtac is going through a comprehensive turnaround process, which on the network side has already resulted in a significantly improved network position on both 3G and 4G. The ongoing transformation of dtac’s sales and distribution model is key for future success in this competitive market,” said Baksaas.

“In Myanmar, performance continues to exceed our expectations. In July we passed 10 million subscribers. Customers’ strong demand for voice and data services keeps driving revenues and profitability. During the quarter we further expanded the network, reaching 213 of a total of 330 townships at the end of June. The speed of our network expansion is the key challenge in a nation where approximately 70 per cent of the population lives in rural areas,’’ said Baksaas.

“We are pleased to see solid performance in Pakistan during an eventful quarter. Traffic revenues in Pakistan are fairly stable despite the mandatory biometric verification of the subscriber base that ended in May, resulting in a customer base of 31.6 million at the end of the quarter. Sales and market activities have picked up significantly during the second quarter, and consumption trends are encouraging,” said Telenor Group’s CEO Baksaas.

“We retain our focus on Internet for All as well as operational efficiency as stated in our strategy. We have made significant investments in data networks and data usage is growing rapidly. Successfully monetising this exponential growth in data will be a key priority for us going forward. This also includes developing our current digital positions within Internet of Things, online classifieds and financial services. As of the end of June, one third of our total customer base was mobile internet users. This highlights the appetite for data and the opportunities that lie ahead. Mobile internet access enables digital inclusion and opens opportunities for all. From this strategy platform I am happy to see Mr Sigve Brekke coming in as the new CEO from 17 August, continuing to develop Telenor Group,” said Baksaas.

“Based on the performance in the first half of the year and our expectations for the rest of the year, we maintain our guidance for 2015,” concluded Baksaas.

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