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(Oslo, Norway, 2 March 2017) Telenor Satellite announced today that Marlink, a worldwide satellite communications provider, has been assigned Platinum Service Provider status for the provision of services on the THOR 7 satellite.

Marlink is now integrating its full range of Value Added Services into the THOR 7 product offering, providing high-throughput connectivity to Marlink’s regional vessels across all its market segments, ranging from fishing and commercial shipping to high-end yachts and passenger vessels.

“We are honoured to announce Marlink as our first Platinum Partner for THOR 7 services,” said Julian Crudge, Director Network and Data service at Telenor Satellite. “This agreement represents further growth and commitment in our long-standing relationship with Marlink and we are committed to supporting their expansion plans, delivering reliable connections at sea throughout Europe.”

“Demand for both reliable and cost-effective connections at sea continues to grow rapidly due to the increased use of IP applications such as broadband internet access, VOIP, video streaming and improved access to corporate networks,” said Tore Morten Olsen, President of Marlink. “THOR 7 fits well into our agnostic connectivity portfolio delivering high performance for mobility services throughout Europe”

THOR 7 is Telenor Satellite’s first Ka-band satellite, providing regional coverage with a favourable look angle over the main European shipping lanes – its mobility applications will become an important part of Marlink’s regional services portfolio.

The World Teleport Association (WTA) recently announced that we have achieved Provisional Certification of our Nittedal Teleport, under their Teleport Certification Program .

The WTA Certification program was introduced at IBC 2015 , and aims to create “an objective, transparent, and internationally accepted method for teleport operators to document the quality of their operations”.

Since its introduction, the scheme has become increasingly popular. There are currently 12 teleports in the evaluation process, and certifications have already been achieved by a number of teleport operators.

“Provisional Certification, based on self-reported data, gives teleport operators a chance to understand the certification standards and priorities as they progress to an independent audit that produces a Full Certification,” said WTA Executive Director, Robert Bell. “We have been honoured by the commitment of so many leading teleport operators to this program and look forward to its continued growth.”

In order to achieve Provisional Certification, we were required to complete an extensive
questionnaire regarding our teleport operations. The WTA examined the data and set it against their certification standards, as established by their Certification Committee. Having reviewed the information provided, we were happy to hear that we had gained Provisional Certification.

“Telenor Satellite is very pleased to receive this Provisional Certification from the WTA,” said Jonathan Kennedy, Director of Teleport Operations for Telenor Satellite. “This is a great acknowledgement that we are capable at providing high quality resilient services to our existing and potential customers.”

We now look forward to gaining Full Certification, which will require an auditor to visit our Nittedal Teleport and provide an independent verification of our initial data.

About the World Teleport Association Since 1985, the World Teleport Association ( has focused on improving the business of satellite communications from the ground up. At the core of its membership are the world’s most innovative operators of teleports, from independents to multinationals, niche service providers to global carriers. WTA is dedicated to advocating for the interests of teleport operators in the global telecommunications market and promoting excellence in teleport business practice, technology and operations.

For more information about the WTA Teleport Certification Program, visit


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