Ku-band Anker Maritime Managed Services

Enterprise Ku-band connectivity for all of your communication needs at sea.

Ku connectivity that delivers stability and reliability at sea.

Using a combination of THOR fleet and third-party satellites, our Anker Ku-band VSAT services can solve maritime connectivity needs for virtually any requirement. Streaming movies, video calls, accessing social media channels or live broadcast events, it can all be achieved with flawless connectivity.

We’re proud to boast market-leading availability and growing data rates, working with some of the largest ferry, yachting and shipping operators based on the most widely used platforms for maritime VSAT services in the industry.

To learn more about Anker Managed Services visit our downloadable resources and coverage maps.

Anker Ku-band main features:

Telenor Satellite can offer Ku-band VSAT services for merchant ship

  • Coverage: pan-European, up to 79° North
  • Extended coverage: North Atlantic, the Caribbean and West Africa
  • VSAT platforms
  • Service profiles:
    • From 512/128 kbps to 100/20 Mbps
    • Fixed monthly rates with unlimited data
  • Tailored SCPC and “Carrier in Carrier” solutions
  • Flexible service terms:
    • Increased profiles during peak periods
    • Short-term tailored contracts
    • Lay-up periods

THOR 7 delivers satellite connectivity for maritime and land-based services.

Satellite capacity only

For customers operating their own teleport infrastructure, we offer satellite capacity by the MHz. Our experts calculate all link parameters to ensure a reliable satellite link.

Satellite antenna at Telenor Satellite's Nittedal Teleport

SCPC / Point-to-Point

For customers who require dedicated point-to-point links and satellite capacity, we support the most  commonly used SCPC platforms in the industry, such as Comtech and Newtec.

Connect by satellite anywhere in the world.

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