Ka-Band Services

Anker is a portfolio of fully managed Maritime Services offering unique service levels capable of meeting any requirement. 

Designed specifically for the maritime market

Since 2016 Telenor Satellite have provided a regional Ka-band VSAT service to maritime users over our THOR 7 satellite from our 1°West orbital location. It targets the North Sea, North Atlantic/ Norwegian Sea, Baltic Sea, Black Sea and Mediterranean.

The Anker portfolio is incredibly versatile and accessible for all types of vessels. We can accommodate seasonal flexibility and meet short-term service requirements every time. Our reliability and guaranteed service is something we are extremely proud of and Anker is just another step in our mission to offer customers and improved broadband service.

Thanks to a new partnership with Newtec, we have expanded our offering of high throughput services over the Norwegian sea in beams 2 & 3 for ferries, cruise and OSV’s. Currently available on Anker Ka, the Newtec Dialog® platform allows us to offer services up to 150/50Mbps.  Contact for more information. All profiles listed below.

Anker Speed

A speed-based service profile ideal for users requiring a high quality connection and fixed monthly service charges.

  • Guaranteed CIR with burstable MIR
  • Up to 125/25Mbps CIR and MIR rates
  • Fixed monthly rate

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Anker Quota

Quota is ideal for both entry level users requiring a low monthly service charge and sporadic users requiring high-speeds and predictable costs.

  • Volume plans – from 5 – 200GB
  • Notification sent by email when 50% and 90% of quota limit reached
  • Top-up packages available to order through The Bridge

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Anker Custom

Custom provides full flexibility and the possibility to create a profile suitable to meet any requirement.

  • Custom rate-based service profiles
  • Symmetric/asymmetric profiles
  • Wide selection of contention rates
  • Fixed monthly rates

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Anker Coverage

Ka-Band Maritime VSAT

Our THOR 7 satellite at 1°West targets the North Sea, North Atlantic/ Norwegian Sea, Baltic Sea, Black Sea and Mediterranean.

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